Guidelines for Students

  1. Maintaining discipline on the school campus should be given utmost priority.
  2. Later arrivals will not be permitted inside the school.
  3. Students must speak and behave respectfully towards each other, teachers, and school staff.
  4. Students will not bring personal property from home, which might be a distraction (like mobile phone, wrist watch, etc).
  5. Students are not allowed to wear kara (iron or steel bangle) caps and jewellery in the school campus.
  6. If any child is found wearing a kara / jewellery the same will be confiscated and not be returned under any circumstances.
  7. Students need to make sure that they are on the school premises 5 minutes before the scheduled school time.
  8. Students must be regular in attending school. A minimum of 75% attendance is required for a student to be eligible to appear for any examination.
  9. Use of cuss words and foul language on school premises as well as in public places will be strictly dealt with.
  10. Students must maintain decorum and walk in a single line while walking in the school corridors.
  11. Students coming by scooter or motorcycle must wear a helmet and submit a written permission from their parents (bullet motorcycles are not allowed).
  12. Students are not permitted to park their vehicles outside the school gates.
  13. Students must wear neat and clean school uniforms.
  14. Boys should have proper haircuts and be clean-shaven, and girls should make two plaits or ponytails.
  15. Girls are not allowed to use nail paint or myrtle (Mehandi).