Principal Message

We are pleased that you have taken time to visit our website.

The school is a place where children are encouraged to say ‘I see it. I get it and I can do it’.

In ‘Sanskriti’ we all are concerned with the children as they have life beyond the classroom and we cannot meet their needs if we show no concern for their activities outside the school. The holistic education ‘Sanskriti’ aims to impart will definitely develop the multiple dimensions of the human personality. The institution provides opportunities to nurture courage, loyalty and self discipline in manifesting in full all the potentials latent in the child. Academics, fun, humor, recreation, aesthetics and arts are legitimate partners of our school education. We pledge to work for every child and in the process open new vista in the area of education.

Of course this website cannot take the place of visiting our school; I warmly welcome you to visit our school by contacting us and discover firsthand what makes the ‘Sanskriti’ education so special.

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