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Sanskriti Public school was established in the year 2007 managed by Dhanush Dhari Sewa Samiti.The School is affiliated to central board of secondary Education (CBSE). The Campus has natural, lush green surroundings for the healthy growth of its student. The infrastructure of the school includes well maintained sports field, highly qualified, well trained, experienced and highly motivated teaching faculty.



O Earth my Mother, Air, my Father
O Fire my Friends, Water, my Kinsman,
Space, my Brother
Here do I bow before you with folded hands.


….. God wanted to share his creations-Out of his Divinity emanated Air, Vayu or Samira the vital heralded of change and transformation. The perennial mover which is undaunted in progress, liberty and restoration and teaches not to lose hope, to move ahead, perform our karma and spread the fragrance of goodness everywhere. So is ‘ Agni’, ‘Pawak ’- the swift forerunner of the sun, the ever-transcending purifier which with its warmth, heat and light ennobles human soul, inspiring us to be pure in body , thought and action , knowledgeable in intellect, revolutionary and rightful in deeds. ‘Water ’ with its vivacious splendor brings rejuvenation and also act as a mirror reflecting our limitation and weaknesses, advising us to make the apt choice, to be flexible buoyant and innovative, imbibing qualities of depth. The earth ‘Prithvi ’ which epitomizes sacrifice, forgiveness, benevolence, patience and humility is a role model. The sky covers all in a never ending canopy- it’s the final frontier . the internal symbol of ambition and progress, the mysterious, broad-minded protector and savior echoing the eternal Mantras unknown – ‘ to strive, to seek , to find but not to yield’.

If we observe this epitome of virtues formed by the effulgent elements with our inner eyes, we will learn to venture than to fear , endeavour than to submit, accept than to react, create than to destroy. It’s no Herculean task to unveil the secrets of the elements , follow their beckoning and be wise. We, at ‘ Sanskriti;’ practice excellence and try to comprehend these life- giving melodies. Join us and be a part of this quest for substance and excellence

There are two education. One should teach us how to make a living and the other how to live …. John Adams.

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